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  1. Nearly two-thirds of callers to the tax authority had to wait longer than 10 minutes to get through.
  2. The firm never acknowledged the project publicly but had recruited about two thousands workers.
  3. Country Garden, which defaulted on overseas debt last year, says it will "resolutely oppose" the case.
  4. Renault's boss says Europe "can't surrender" in the face of Chinese and US electric car manufacturing.
  5. The firm paused its AI image generation tool after claims it was over-correcting against the risk of being racist.
  6. The company's statement follows Henry Staunton's revelation in a hearing about postmasters' compensation.
  7. News of the possible move comes as a leading think tank says the case for cutting taxes is "weak".
  8. The electronics chain says US company Elliot's £757m offer "significantly undervalued" it.
  9. The layoffs are the latest to hit the tech sector, which has seen big cutbacks worldwide since 2023.
  10. About 40,000 M&S staff will see their wages increase by more than 10% from April.
  11. Meat, fish and fruit prices fell while energy costs eased, the British Retail Consortium said.
  12. Ministers fear that the relatively cheap cost of vaping makes it more accessible for young people.
  13. At first artists signed to the label were removed, but now writers are being taken off the platform.
  14. Sean Bailey, the head of the media giant's live-action film studio, stepped down after 15 years.
  15. A report ordered by the government finds "gaps in Boeing's safety journey".
  16. The Federal Trade Commission says combining Kroger and Albertsons would be bad for American shoppers.
  17. A spate of failures include broken rails, signal faults and passengers stranded due to damaged cables.
  18. Legislation aimed at clearing wrongly convicted sub-postmasters is also expected to be brought forward.
  19. The regulator finds evidence information may be being swapped, which could affect selling prices.
  20. In a statement on Monday, his family called Lord Rothschild "a towering presence in many peoples' lives".